Exploring the Best Wineries in New Jersey

New Jersey is home to some of the best wineries in the country, offering a variety of unique and award-winning wines. From Brook Hollow Winery to Tomasello Winery, there are plenty of options for wine enthusiasts to explore. Whether you're looking for a unique terroir or a picturesque backdrop for Instagram, these 12 wineries are sure to provide an unforgettable experience. Brook Hollow Winery is a family farm and winery that offers a variety of dry and sweet wines, as well as unique beverages like chocolate and Merlot milkshakes.

The winery welcomes guests seven days a week and hosts live music events on weekends throughout the fall. Wine tastings are available by reservation for groups of four to eight people, while outdoor seating with access to the wine bar is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Four Sisters Winery is open every day except Wednesdays until October, and seven days a week from November to December. Benduce Vineyards is a winemaking operation that produces high-quality wines on land owned by its family for many years.

The small batch production allows the Beneduce team to focus on the delicate complexities of each variety, with aromatic and eatable styles being their specialty. Natural wines and innovative spritzers are also available at this must-visit winery. Amalthea Cellars dates back to 1976 in Camden County. Its founder, Louis Caracciolo, spent time in Bordeaux comparing his style and approach to New Jersey winemaking, resulting in a vineyard with almost 50 years of success.

The highlight for many is the cream red of Balic Winery, which offers an American Cabernet Sauvignon that can be enjoyed on the winery's porch. Beneduce Vineyards is a fourth-generation farm winery located in Hunterdon County. The Brook Hollow Winery tasting experience focuses on service and enjoyment, with groups being encouraged and guests regularly receiving live music at the Columbia venue. South Jersey wineries are responsible for much of New Jersey's original wine production, with a large concentration of vineyards around Cape May and Salem County.

William Heritage Winery has twice been awarded “Winery of the Year” in the state and is known for its variety of award-winning wines. Tomasello Winery was founded in 1933 after Prohibition and is now the largest winery in New Jersey. Renault Winery remained open during Prohibition and produces an Empire wine that has flavors of black cherry and black fruit, hints of vanilla spice, and a sweet finish of mocha espresso. Plagido's proudly mentions its achievement of being the best winery in New Jersey for two consecutive years. No matter your location, it's the perfect time for any wine enthusiast to visit any of New Jersey's top wineries.

With more than 50 New Jersey wineries and vineyards to choose from, you're sure to find something special that suits your palate. So grab your friends or family members and explore all that New Jersey has to offer!.