Exploring the Culinary Scene of New Jersey: Famous Restaurants and Chefs

Growing up in New Jersey, Craig Polignano was inspired by his family's kitchen and garden to pursue a career in food service. After attending the Culinary Institute of America, he worked at a variety of local restaurants before being promoted to chef de cuisine at Due Mari in New Brunswick. He then continued to hone his cooking skills in some of the most prestigious restaurants and with acclaimed chefs in New York and New Jersey. Cookie Till is the eponymous owner and wine director of a 400-label, moderately-priced wine program, which is especially strong in California, France and Italy.

Chef Seadon Shouse is an award-winning chef with more than 15 years of experience in the kitchens of acclaimed restaurants in the United States. Michael Carrino, chef and owner of the Pig & Prince restaurant, and creator of the famous French restaurant Passionne, is considered by many to be a pillar of the culinary world and a staple of the New Jersey food scene. Chef Marita Lynn is a member of several business and gastronomic associations, such as Women Chefs & Restaurateurs or Savor the Success, and is a strong supporter of charitable foundations on the Jersey Shore and New York City. After making a name for himself as a pioneer in the “farm-to-table” movement in New Jersey, chef Todd Villani is charting a new path on the culinary scene.

He was also invited to help Colonial Williamsburg chefs celebrate Jamestown's 400th anniversary. Sommelier Adam Wechsler oversees Jockey Hollow's 900 wine list, which focuses on Italy, France, California and Oregon, with some local selections from New Jersey. With a menu that changes twice a month, Chef Andre has the opportunity to take advantage of all the local seasonal offer offered by Sussex County. Freund's commitment to local suppliers stems from his childhood roots, growing up in a small farming town in New Jersey, where his family owned a restaurant. New Jersey is home to some of the most renowned chefs and restaurants in the world. From Craig Polignano to Cookie Till to Michael Carrino, these chefs have made their mark on the culinary scene with their innovative dishes and dedication to local suppliers.

Whether you're looking for an award-winning experience or just want to explore some local flavors, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.